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Generator & Small Engine
Tri-Fuel Conversion Kits

Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion
Kits are available for generators, welders,
concrete saws and more and are

Propane and natural gas
conversion videos

EASY TO START and the engine will run like a Happy Engine with our Tri Fuel Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits. Propane last forever and doesn't go bad like gasoline does. Stock up on 20 lb Cylinders or connect to your Natural Gas line for an unlimited fuel source and be ready for any power outage. Watch the YouTube Video and see and hear for yourself

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No Drilling of the Carburetor and EASY TO INSTALL as you'll see in this Step by Step Photo Illustration on this next page with instructions under each photo for each step. Our Tri-Fuel Conversion Kits are great not only for the mechanic, but easy to install for the Home User and Do It Yourselfer too

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Natural gas conversions & propane conversion kits for generators.

Alternate Fuels Technologies, Inc

Generator Propane Conversion Kits
Welder Propane Conversions

Lift Trucks & Fork Truck Conversion & Repair Kits
Garretson KN Regulator & Rebuild Kits
Beam 50 T60 Regulator & Rebuild Kits - Century Carburetor & Regulators
OHG - Impco Propane Carburetors & Regulators

Generator Conversions & Small Engine Conversion
& Repair Kits Available For
Propane LPG, Mixers, Carburetors, Vaporizers, Regulators
Impco - Garretson - Beam - Century

Now, Lower Prices Than Ever Before!

Generator Propane Conversions & Natural Gas Conversion Kits

Small Engine Conversions for Propane and Natural Gas Engines

Never worry about your generator running out of gas in the middle of the night
No more starting problems due to the gasoline going bad
You won't have to sit in line for hours to get a can of gas during power outages

Small Engine Conversion Kits
Propane Conversion Kits
Natural Gas Conversion Kits
For Generator Conversions Including:

  Briggs & Stratton
  Black Max
  Craftsman Generators
 Coleman Powermate
 ETQ Northern Tool
 Honda EU2000i
  Robin Subaru
 Welders & Concrete Saws

Kit includes installation instructions & Technical Support
We will be more than happy to walk you through any part of installing
Natural Gas Conversions or Propane Conversions on your Generator or Welder
Customer Satisfaction is our Goal

Alternative Fuels Conversion Kits for Propane and Natural Gas Engines


Propane makes a great Alternative Fuel System for:
Generators, Welders, Power Washers, Floor Cleaners
You can turn a Propane Carburetor upside down
and it'll operate just as well as it does right side up
Keep that forward momentum


 Propane Conversion Kits & Rebuild Kits
  Natural Gas Conversion Kits
  Small Engine Conversion Kits
  Impco Propane Carburetor & Vaporizers
  Century Propane Carburetors & Regulators
  Garretson Regulators
  Beam Regulators
  Propane Fuel Systems
  Lift Truck Model J Repair Kits
  Propane Generator Conversions
  Impco Model E Repair Kits
  Generator Conversions
  Natural Gas Conversion Kits
  Propane Conversions for Welders


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Garretson KN - Beam T50 T60 - Century - Impco
From Small Engine Generator Propane Conversions
To Welder Conversions To Lift Trucks & Fork Trucks

Alternative Fuels Systems

Environmentally Sound Clean Burning
Propane Gas Fuel Systems & More

Start Making Tomorrows Clean Air Today
With Alternative Fuels Systems by
Impco Technologies - Century - Garretson - Beam

Small Engine Conversion Kits
Propane Conversion Kits
Natural Gas Conversion Kits


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