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Generator & Small Engine
Tri-Fuel Conversion Kits

Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion
Kits are available for generators, welders,
concrete saws and more and are

Generac Ultra Source Generator

Generac Guardian Ultra Source 15kw 30hp Generator Conversion to propane and natural gas

The Generac Guardian Ultra Source Generator

Low Pressure Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits

12.5kw 12,500 watt

15kw 15,000 watt 30hp

17.5kw 17,500 watt 33hp

The Photos below will help give you an idea of how this kit is installed
On any of the Generac Guardian Ultra Source Generators


Generac UltraSource Gaurdian Generator Conversion

The Adapter is located between the Carburetor and the Air Cleaner Assembly

Generac 15kw generator natural gas conversion kit

Once we install the adapter we use spacers between the intake manifold and heads

Conversion kit from gas to propane and dual fuel

Drill and tap one of the spacers for a source of intake manifold vacuum
For a Safety Shutoff Kit


You can mount the fuel controller on ether side of the generator

This Generator conversion is set up for low pressure propane or natural gas


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