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Honda EU2000i Generator

Honda EU2000 Generator Tri Fuel Conversion

Honda EU2000i Tri Fuel Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kit

It's an EASY INSTALL and does not require any drilling of the carburetor

High Pressure Propane, Low Pressure Propane, Natural Gas and Gasoline

Honda EU2000 Tri Fuel Conversion


Remove the air filter assembly from the carburetor
Shut off for your gas line is inlcuded with the kit

Image of the carburetor before the adapter is installed


Install the adapter, in the photo below you can see our specially designed adapter
which is thin enough to alow the door to be closed

Honda EU2000 Adapter



Reinstall the air filter asssembly

Replace the air filter on the eu2000


Install the bracket to mount the demand regulator,
With this bracket you will not have to drill holes in the case for mounting

Mount the bracket for the demand regulator


The photo below shows how far the demand regulator is mounted from the engine case
allowing the door to be opened

Demand Regulator for propane and natural gas


Completely installed you're ready to use high pressure propane, low pressure propane,
natural gas, or gasoline. A true Tri Fuel Conversion and easy to Setup

EU2000 tri fuel conversion

This EU2000i Conversion Kit has become very popular

Tri Fuel Conversions are also available for the EU3000 and all other Honda Generators

Easy To Install


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