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Generator & Small Engine
Tri-Fuel Conversion Kits

Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion
Kits are available for generators, welders,
concrete saws and more and are

Methods of Conversions

Generator propane conversion, beam 50 t60, garretson kn sd s2

There are 3 Methods of Conversions for:
Small Engine Propane Conversions &
Small Engine Natural Gas Conversions

The three methods of conversion all use a venturi to produce the vacuum, which opens the fuel controller and allows gas to flow into the air stream. In spud-in conversions the venturi in the gasoline carburetor is utilized. Specially designed venturis are supplied with adapter and carburetor conversion kits.


Dedicated Propane Conversion

The spud-in system is normally the lowest cost method of conversion, but not necessarily the easiest. We have done everything possible to design our fuel tube so they can be easily installed.

Generator Duel Fuel Conversion





Generator Dual Fuel Propane Conversion Adaptor

Cost and installation time of the adapter method usually fall between the other two methods. The carburetor adaptor is installed between the gasoline carburetor and the air cleaner. The adaptor method should be chosen for dual fuel operation or for the option of quickly converting the engine back to gasoline in the future. Installation sometimes requires the mounting of an idle plate between the gasoline carburetor and the engine.


Generator Duel Fuel Conversion







Generator Tri Fuel Natural Gas Conversion

The LP-gas and natural gas carburetor kits give the best consistent power and performance and are the easiest to install. You simply replace the gasoline carburetor with a new carburetor containing a correct venturi for the engine and application.  However, models available are limited to some older Kohler, Onan, and Techumseh engines.

*Idle plate may not be needed for generators.

Propane Conversions for Generators







Environmentally Sound Fuel Systems

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