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1501-L Micorvac Switch & Wiring Diagram


Beam 1501-L Microvac Safety Switch

Beam 1501L Microvac Switch

Installation: Since the Beam 1501L Microvac Safety Switch is generally used with the Beam 120A, Beam 100A, Beam T60, or Beam T50 Regulator, the same vacuum line which operates the vacuum lock in the regulator can also accommodate the Microvac switch. Use a street tee at the regulator and make a single vacuum connection.

Beam 1501-L Microvac Safety SwitchGarretson 1501-L Microvac Switch for generator propane conversions


Electrical Connections

1. Install the Beam 1501L Microvac Safety Switch at any convenient source of manifold vacuum, away from the heat of the exhaust system.

2. Use 16 gauge primary automotive wire. Insulated terminals are provided. To avoid mistakes, connect one circuit at a time as follows.

3. Connect "SOL" (Solenoid) terminal of Microvac Switch to electric solenoid valve or Fuel Lock Filter.

4. Connect "IGN" (Ignition) terminal of the Microvac Switch to coil side terminal of ignition switch. If there is no bypass resistor in the ignition circuit, this wire may be connected to the battery terminal of the ignition coil.

Note: For use as a 2 wire switch, simply do not connect the center terminal, use the two outside terminals only and proceed to step 6. For use as a 3 wire switch, proceed with steps 5 and 6.

5. Connect center "STR" (Starter) terminal of the Beam 1501-L Microvac Switch to terminal on starter switch which goes to starter. Engaging starter will complete circuit to solenoid valve only while the starter is engaged.

6. Secure all the electrical wires to the Microvac Switch. After installation, remove one screw at the most convenient location, replace it with the longer screw and clamp provided. Run all wires through the clamp and tighten. This will avoid vibration at the terminals and extend their life.

1501-L Microvac Switch Wiring Diagram

Propane carburetor adapters for generator propane conversions

Beam Garretson 1501-L Microvac Switch for propane powered generators


Load Blocks & Adapter Examples


Garretson Carburetor Adapters are priced significantly below comparable adapters


Garretson Propane Adapters are machined from wrought aluminum bar stock, meaning they are strong and malleable. Most comparable adapters are cast aluminum and quite susceptible to cracking or breaking.


Garretson Propane Carburetor Adapters use a separate load block as the inlet fitting. It can be positioned in any direction at the adapter or the fuel controller, insuring ease of installation and adjustment. The load block on many other adapters is a part of the casting, often producing additional time and expense of installation.

Special Styles

Generator Propane Conversion Kits

Beam & Garretson Carburetor Adapter for Generator Propane Conversion Kits

We offer a number of specially designed propane carburetor adapters for most air cooled engines. If you will call us with the make and model number of your engine we will advise you if we have an adapter for the application.


Hose Type

Adapters for Propane Conversions

Beam & Garretson Hose Adapter for Generator Propane Conversions or Natural Gas Conversion Kits

Garretson hose type propane carburetor adapters are available in sizes from 1 1/8" to 2 5/8" to fit all sizes of hose connecting the air cleaner and carburetor. Two common hose clamps are all that is needed to install these adapters. The clamps may be positioned in any direction for easiest installation.


Air Horn Type

Propane Carburetor Adapters & Natural Gas Conversion Kits

Beam & Garretson Propane Carburetor Adapter for converting Generators to run on Propane or natural gas

Garretson air horn type propane carburetor adapters are available in 15 sizes from 1 1/8" to 2 5/8". A hose clamp is included with these adapters for attaching the adapter to the carburetor air horn. The clamp is easily positioned for the easiest possible access during installation.


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