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Beam Garretson
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Beam Propane Two Stage Regulators,
Single Stage Low Pressure Demand Regulator,
& Beam 1501 Microvac Safety Switch


11a17 Air Heated Vaporizer Regulator

The Beam 11A17-101 is designed to Vaporize the Propane on air cooled engines, propane goes to 45 degrees below zero when it changes from a liquid to a vapor, the air fins on the 11A17 dissipates that temperature to avoid freeze ups in the fuel system
Beam 11A17 Air Heated Vaporizer ➤➤


Beam T60 two stage Propane Regulator

The Beam T60 is a high pressure two stage regulator, it can be used with liquid draw tanks or vapor draw. If you are using liquid draw tanks with a liquid cooled engine there are ports to run the engine coolant thru to avoid the regulator from freezing. If you have an air cooled engine and using liquid draw tanks, you would use the 11A17 prior to the T60 to vaporize the propane before it reaches the T60. If you are using vapor draw tanks you simply do not need to use the coolant ports on the T60 nor do you need the 11A17 on a vapor draw fuel system
Beam T60 Propane Two Stage Regulator ➤➤


Beam 120A 2 Stage Regulator

The Beam 120A is a two stage High Capacity Demand Regulator for medium and larger engines
Beam 120a Two Stage Regulator ➤➤


Beam 202ANL Regulator

The Beam 202A or 202ANL is a High Capacity single stage low pressure demand regulator fuel controller
Beam 202a Propane Regulator ➤➤


Beam AHR50-D Air Heated Vaporizer Regulator

The AHR50-D is a two stage High Pressure Air Heated vaporizer fuel controller demand regulator all built into one unit
Beam AHR50 Air Heated Vaporizer Regulator ➤➤


The Beam 1501-L Microvac Safety Switch is vacuum operated with 3 12 volt terminals to provide a 12 volt source to a 12v shut off solenoid as long as the engine is running and provides vacuum, once the engine shuts down the vacuum signal is lost and the mocrovac safety switch will remove the 12v from the solenoid and it will go closed, even if the ignition switch is left on. This is standard equipment for all Safety Shut Off Kits on electric start engines
Beam 1501 Microvac Switch ➤➤


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