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1501L Microvac Safety Switch

The Beam 1501-L Safety Switch is vacuum operated and connected to your 12 volt solenoid. When the engine shuts down and loses vacuum for any reason, the safety switch closes the 12 volt signal to the 12 volt solenoid and shuts it off, making a positive lock off or safety shut off of the fuel system, even if the ignition switch is left on.

Beam 1501-L Microvac Safety Switch

Beam 1501-L Microvac Vacuum 12 Volt Safety Switch
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Beam 1501L Diagram



1501 With 12 volt terminals


Microvac safety switch part number 1501-L
Vacuum switch kit, includes wires & terminals 1501-PA
Adapter, switch terminal 1501-25
Repair kit, 1501 Microvac series 1501-26
Microswitch, w/match spring 1501-28A


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