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Beam T60 Two Stage High Pressure Regulator

Beam T60 two stage Propane Regulator


Beam Model T60 Propane Regulator
Also Replaces the T50

New Style Since 2010, Beam T60 Front View In The Image Below

New Style Beam T60 With Idle Circuit Front Cover View


Beam T60 Back Cover View With Manual Primer Button In The Image Below

New Style Beam T60 Back Cover View With Manual Primer Button


Note:There are 3 features available on the T60, Idle Feature, Vacuum Lock, & Manual Primer
The Primer & Idle are easy to determine, and for the Vacuum Lock if you look on the front cover there is a port that says VAC, you will either have a pipe plug in that port meaning there is no built in vacuum lock, or there will be a fitting with a small vacuum hose going to it meaning that you do have a built in vacuum lock, you will use that fitting & vacuum hose on your new T60

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T60-A-NN-N has the Idle Mixure Feature only
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T60-A-NP-N has the Idle Feature and Manual Primer
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T60-A-VN-N has the Vacuum Lock and Idle Mixture
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T60-A-VP-N has the Vacuum Lock, Idle, and Manual Primer
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Repair Kit For All T60 and T50 Regulators
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The T60 is a two stage regulator/vaporizer for LPG applications up to 60hp (45Kw). Various models feature built-in vacuum lock offs, idle adjustment, primers, various heating methods, and several mounting options. Newly designed models (scheduled for spring 2010 production) include an improved primary and secondary lever and seat design, and a standard freeze plug and idle screw. The idle screw has improved sensitivity and stability and is relocated to the cover. An idle screw cap and tamper resistant screws satisfy regulatory tamper resistance requirements. Optional dual mounting tabs are available and all mounting features and ports will remain the same.


Fuel Type - LPG Liquid or Vapor or Natural Gas
Inlet Pressure Maximum - 250 psi (17.23 Bar)
Minimum Inlet Pressure - 30 psi (207 kPa)
Outlet Pressure. -0.5” w.c. (-0.13 kPa)
HP/kW - 60hp (45kW) with LPG liquid, 40hp (30kW) LPG Vapor, 30hp (22kW) for Natural Gas
Operating Temperature Range -40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C)
Fuel Filtration - 40 micron
Heating Chamber Source - Required for liquid LPG
Mounting Position - Vertical (outlet down) recommended.
Horizontal position can be used when fuel contamination can be controlled with HD-5 or HD-10 specified LPG fuel.
Diaphragm - Hydrin
Applications - Stationary, mobile, industrial and automotive
Certification - UL (AU1502), Inquire for specific ECE approval


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