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Air Fuel Mixture Adjustment After First Startup

Published: 11/25/2016


Air Fuel Mixture Adjustment Before Starting the Engine
After you have installed your conversion kit, you can turn the load block all the way in until the needle valve is completely closed. Then turn the load block screw out about 4 to 6 full turns. This should be about right for your first startup. You will need to push the manual primer on the demand regulator for about 1 second, some engines require a longer time frame to hold that primer, each engine will start differently. Once the engine starts be prepared to adjust the load block in and out until the engine runs smoothly. In is more lean and out is more rich, but adjust until the engine runs smooth.

Now Put a Load on the Generator or Engine and Fine Tune The Adjustment
If you have a frequency meter, you can adjust the air fuel mixture or load block until you get a reading between 59 to 59.5 hertz cycles. If you do not have a frequency meter, you can turn the load block inward until the engine stumbles a little bit and then turn the load block out 1/4 to 1/2 turn and lock it down. Another trick we have learned and wish to share with you, if you connect a lamp with an incandescent light bulb, you can see the cycles in the bulb, or the hertz cycles in the bulb, if you are out of adjustment. Once you re-adjust the load block until you no longer see any cycles this would be real close to proper air fuel mixture. You may need to re-adjust once you put a heavier load on until you get the bulb to light without any cycles showing throughout your load range.

Once You Have The Adjustment Fine Tuned
You should not have to re-adjust the load block after you have the generator or engine air fuel mixture fine tuned. There may be times you will need to adjust again if you notice the engine is not running properly. Another time you will need to adjust the load block is if you switch from using propane to using natural gas, you can mark the load block with a felt marking, then turn the load block out about 1 full turn until the engine or generator runs smoothly again. The same would be the case when you switch from natural gas to propane, you would need to adjust the load block inward about 1 turn or until the generator runs smooth again. We all know that when we switch our furnace from propane to natural gas we must have another size orifice installed, your load block in your conversion kit is just like having an adjustable orifice.

How Long Do I Push The Primer Button Before Starting?
Each and every engine or generator will start differently and will require more or less time pushing the primer button. You can take 2 engines or generators identical, and both will need to be primed differently to start easily. In the instructions that came with your conversion kit, it is recommended to push the primer for no longer than 1 second, this is to make sure you do not flood the engine making it hard to start. So once you have tried 1 second and the engine did not start easily, let us try to hold the primer longer, make sure you count in your head how long you hold the primer before trying to start, this way you can always count to the same number before you try to start your generator or small engine in the future. A good example is our generator here, we push the primer, we count to 3, we let go of the primer, and the engine will fire immediately. That's just one example. Yours will probably be different.

If you have any questions about adjusting the load block or how long to hold the primer, please give us a call
We are here to help with any questions you may have.


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