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Why Should I Convert My Small Engine to Propane or Natural Gas?

Published: 7/26/2016


The benefits of converting your small engine to propane or natural gas are many. ​ Below are just some of the benefits of propane conversions:

More reliable
You can be prepared for unexpected power outages by converting your generator to run on natural gas or propane. Propane offers a longer shelf life, which means you can plan ahead, while natural gas is an unlimited fuel source and does not require refueling at all. Simply connect to your natural gas supply line and you’re ready to go! The shelf life of gasoline is a mere one to two months, after which time stability additives are required to prevent degrading. Propane and natural gas are also more obtainable during power outages, in which case gas stations may not be able to pump fuel.

Cleaner Burn
Propane & Natural Gas burns cleaner than gasoline (it is a known fact) while also releasing fewer contaminants such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and other gases into the environment.

Less Engine Wear
Burning propane rather than gasoline can extend the life of your engine. Aside from the environmental benefits of a cleaner burn, fewer contaminants also result in less wear on your engine! Your engine oil will stay cleaner longer and also run cooler, resulting in less wear and tear on internal engine parts. The jets in the carburetor will never get plugged up or gummed up like it does with today’s gasoline with ethanol!

Safety can be a concern with gasoline for several reasons. Pouring gasoline into the tank results in spills, emits poisonous vapors and is also highly flammable. While propane and natural gas are both stored in contained or closed systems, with a very minimal risk of leakage, the environmental or personal risk factor is very low.

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