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Century propane
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Century Propane Regulator & Repair Kits

Century Propane 12 volt Filter Fuel Lock Offs

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M-4 Vaporizer Repair Kit Part Number 286-1234

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M-5 Regulator Repair Kit Part Number 286-1332

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M-6 2504A Repair Kit Part Number 286-1688

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H, HV 1477-B Repair Kit Part Number 286-1301A

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G-85, 2335-B, 2379, 2380 Repair Kit 286-1554

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Century propane fuel lock filter model 2384-b

Century 2384-B Model STF
12V Propane Filter Fuel lock
1/4 - 18 Inlet - Bottom Fitting
1/4 - 18 Outlet - Top Fitting
60 Gallon Per Hour


propane fuel lock filter model 2685 ga-1

Century 2685 Model GA-1
12V Propane Filter Fuel lock
1/4 - 18 Female Inlet - Male Outlet
47 Gallon Per Hour


gasoline fuel lock model 2543 fa-020-ga

Century 2543 Model FA-020-GA
12V Gasoline fuel lock
1/8 - 27 Female Inlet & Outlet
43 Gallon Per Hour


Century propane regulator model 2504 M-6 M-4 M5 with 12v primer solenoid

Century 2504A Model M6 Regulator
With 12V Primer Solenoid


Century air heated propane regulator model 2380 g-85a g85 with 12v primer

Century 2380 Model G-85A Regulator
Air Heated With 12V Primer Solenoid


Century 2335 b water heated g-85 vaporizer

Century 2335-B Water Heated G-85 Vaporizer
With 12 volt Electric Primer Solenoid


Century propane regulator model h 1477 with 12v primer

Century 1477 Model H Regulator
With 12V Primer Solenoid

Century Repair & Rebuild Kits

Century H, HV 1477-B .... 286-1301A
Century M-6 2504A ......... 286-1688
Century M-5 ..................... 286-1332
Century M-4 ..................... 286-1234
Century G-85, G-85A ....... 286-1554
2335B, 2379, 2380 ............ 286-1554


2342 2655 Century LP Propane Bulkhead Filter

2655 Model LTS
LP Propane Bulkhead Filter w/ Magnet
Replaces Century 2342

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Century 2384 fuel filter lock, century vaporizer regulator g85 m4 m5 2504-a m6 2335 1477 2379 & 2380