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Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits are available for generators, welders, concrete saws and more and are

Generator Tri Fuel Conversions and Dual Fuel Propane Conversion Kits


Parts in a Dual Fuel Conversion Kit

Parts Included in a High Pressure Dual Fuel Conversion Kit in the photo above

To install a dual fuel or tri fuel adapter conversion, which is simple, you would add the stud extenders or longer studs that are provided with the conversion kit. Then slide the adapter on the studs to the air horn of the carburetor. Install the air filter assembly which will leave the adapter between the air horn of the carburetor and air filter assembly. Find a convenient place on the frame of the generator to mount the Beam T60 2 stage high pressure demand regulator, or the Garretson KN demand regulator for a low pressure or tri fuel installation. The load block for adjusting the air fuel mixture can be installed at the outlet of the demand regulator or at the inlet of the adapter, which ever is easiest access to adjust the air fuel mixture, you can note that in the photo at the bottom of this page. A good rule of thumb is to adjust the load block 4 to 6 turns out for your first start up. You would then press the manual primer on the back cover of the demand regulator to push the fuel to the air horn of the carburetor and start the engine. Once the engine has started be prepared to readjust the load block for proper air fuel mixture until the engine runs smooth and put a load on the generator and adjust the load block for the final adjustment. The governor and throttle plate in the carburetor will still control the speed of the engine just like it did when on gasoline, you are simply using a different fuel at the air horn or inlet of the carburetor.

Photos of a typical dual fuel conversion with a direct mount air cleaner assembly

This Generator can run on gasoline or propane after installing this conversion kit

The Tri Fuel Kit installs the same, it simply has a different Demand Regulator

Generator propane conversion kits

Remove the air cleaner cover is the first step
to installing your propane conversion


Tri Fuel conversion kits for generators

Remove the air cleaner assembly


Propane Conversion

Install the stud extenders included with the kit


Natural Gas conversion kits for generators

Use a hole punch to make the holes in the original gasket
larger to fit over the stud extenders


Install the original carburetor gasket

Reinstall the original carburetor gasket


Insert the 90 degree hose barb in the carburetor propane adapter

Insert the 90 degree hose barb in the adapter


Connect the propane natural gas vapor hose and clamp to the hose barb

Connect the vapor gas hose and clamp to the hose barb


Install the natural gas or propane adapter

Insert the adapter on the stud extenders and press it against the carburetor air horn


We offer dual fuel and tri fuel natural gas and propane conversions for generators

Install the gasket included with the kit


Propane Conversions

Reinstall the air cleaner assembly


Re-install the air cleaner cover

Reinstall the air cleaner cover


Install Load Block

Install reducer and load block in the outlet port of the fuel controller


Generator propane conversion

Install the high pressure hose to the inlet port of the fuel controller


Tri Fuel Conversion

Mount the fuel controller to the frame of the generator


Tri Fuel Natural Gas & Propane Kit

To prime the carburetor while starting

Press the manual primer on the fuel controller while cranking the engine


Generator Conversion Kits to Propane and Natural Gas

After the engine has started adjust the load block until the engine runs smooth

Then tighten the lock nut on the load block

Low pressure propane, natural gas, and Tri Fuel conversions are similar
We simply use a different regulator and fuel controller combination as seen in the photo below

Parts in a Tri Fuel Conversion Kit

The Difference Between High Pressure Gas & Low Pressure Gas Explained ➤➤


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