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Garretson Secondary Demand Fuel Controller Regulators

We've added photos to help you make your selection of the fuel controller demand regulator you are needing

Garretson KN Demand zero governor Regulator

The Very Popular Garretson KN Demand Regulator in the photo above is designed for low pressure fuel sources, low pressure propane at 11 inches of water column which is the same as about 6 ounces of pressure, and is also used for Natural Gas which is low pressure too
Garretson KN Fuel Controller ➤➤


Garretson SD Regulator Fuel Controller

The Garretson SD Regulator in the photo above is also a low pressure demand regulator fuel controller. Garretson desinged both the SD and the KN, once Impco bought out Garretson, Impco desided to discontinue the SD and simply provide the Cadillac of the 2 demand regulators, the KN, so we simply replace the SD with the KN low pressure demand regulator
Garretson SD Fuel Controller ➤➤


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