Natural gas conversions & propane conversion kits for generators.
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Generator & Small Engine
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Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits are available for generators, welders, concrete saws and more and are

Honeywell Generator Conversions


Note: ETQ, Harbor Freight, & Chicago Electric Generators use these same kits


Tri Fuel Conversion Kits for Honeywell Generators


Natural Gas & Propane Conversions

By Wattage

Low Pressure
Propane &
Natural Gas Adapter Kit

High Pressure
Vapor Propane Adapter
Type Kit

Tri Fuel Kit
High & Low Pressure
Conversion Kit Number

3000 WATT HW710-214 HW710-211 HW710-211-4
3500 WATT HW710-214 HW710-211 HW710-211-4
4000 WATT HW710-224 HW710-221 HW710-221-4
5500 WATT HW710-174 HW710-171 HW710-171-4
6500 WATT HW710-174 HW710-171 HW710-171-4
7500 WATT HW710-174-28 HW710-171-28 HW710-171-28-4
8000 WATT HW710-174-28 HW710-171-28 HW710-171-28-4
8500 WATT HW710-174-28 HW710-171-28 HW710-171-28-4
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Low Pressure Kit

High Pressure Kit

Tri-Fuel Kit

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Conversion Kits Are Currently On Sale

The Parts Included With Each of The Different Kits Are Shown In The Photos Below

Honeywell Generator Low Pressure Propane Natural Gas Conversion
Tri-Fuel Low Pressure Propane & Natural Gas Kit with Garretson KN Demand Regulator


Honeywell Generator Tri Fuel Conversion Kit
Tri Fuel High & Low Pressure Kit with Garretson KN Fuel Controller & High Pressure Regulator



Honeywell High Pressure Dual Fuel Kit
High Pressure Propane Dual Fuel Conversion Kit with Beam T60 Two Stage Demand Regulator


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