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Generator & Small Engine
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Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits are available for generators, welders, concrete saws and more and are

Videos on this page contain helpful information on how to install
a Tri Fuel Conversion Kit on a generator or small engine
and how to adjust the air fuel mixture after the conversion kit is installed.

We extend our thanks & compliments to David for the nice job on these videos.
We would also like to thank the customer that told us about David's Videos.
We are sure these videos will help customers see how easy the installation is
and help answer some questions that people have during installation of any conversion kit.
If you use the Full Screen Mode, when the video ends, press the Esc button on your keyboard,
Then scroll down to the next video on this page to play the videos in series.


Video 1 Title: Converting a Small Engine to Run on Propane

The Conversion Kit in this video is the High & Low Pressure Kit, or better known as Tri Fuel Kits,
which allow the use of high pressure propane, or low pressure propane, or natural gas, and gasoline.
We would like to mention that most adapter kits for up to 15 hp power start at 169.00 or 187.00 for low pressure,
and on up depending on engine make and model and the combination of the conversion kit you are in need of.
David actually paid 222.00 for the kit that he purchased and installed in these videos, it was a top of the line kit.
The Video will show you the parts that are included with the kit, and the basics of which part goes where in the demand fuel controller and fitting for connecting the high pressure regulator to the tank, and where the other fittings are to be used too. Natural Gas connects in the same way, with the exception that you do not use the high pressure regulator, you will connect directly from your Natural Gas line to the inlet of the Garretson KN Demand Regulator.


Video 2 Title: Adjusting Small Engine Fuel Adjustment after Propane Conversion

Please Note: If you leave the gasoline line disconnected as in the video below, you should plug it off,
otherwise it could be a vacuum leak signal which will cause the engine to run rough.
Once the engine has been started, you will need to adjust the load block, it has an adjustment screw with a lock nut, you will want to start about 5 to 7 turns out, and adjust for a smooth run at full 3600 RPM with a load on the generator or small engine. Also note, once the air fuel mixture is set, when you switch from propane to natural gas, you will need to re-adjust the load block out approximately 1/2 to 1 turn, when changing from NG back to propane, adjust load block back in 1/2 to 1 turn, each engine is different.


Video 3 Title: Benefits of Converting Small Engines to Propane

The benefits of converting to Propane are much the same benefits you gain converting to Natural Gas.
The Fuel will never go bad as gasoline does, your carburetor jets will never become gummed or plugged up.
You will not need to store several cans of gasoline in your garage that can go bad after a few months.
The generator or engine will always start, even if you have left it set for a year. All of the benefits of using propane mentioned in this video are also the same benefits for converting and using natual gas as well.


The videos on this page will be very helpful for customers to learn more about the conversion kits prior to the purchase, and as well as be helpful to customers that have purchased kits, the high pressure and or low pressure kits install in the basic same matter, the approximate adjustment is the same for most kits and may vary from engine to engine, and the adjustments after installation and first start up are the same approximately 5 to 7 turns out from the bottomed out load block.


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