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Impco 125 Carburetor for NG, LPG, Digester Gas


Impco 125 Mixers


Impco 125 Carburetor for NG, LPG, Digester Gas.
A single-diaphragm air valve carburetor / mixer.

The 125 carburetor is a single-diaphragm air valve carburetor / mixer. It offers a downdraft air inlet that can be used for remote air filtration or open-element type air filters. This unit is available for propane, natural gas, and digester gas applications.

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IMPCO Technologies and BRC S.r.l. are the world's leaders in the technology, marketing and manufacturing of products and systems which allow internal combustion engines to operate on clean burning gaseous fuels such as propane and natural gas. With offices and manufacturing facilities in nine countries around the world, and a distributor network that reaches every corner of the globe IMPCO Technologies is definitely part of the solution to the global air pollution and environmental challenges we face. As such, they work with governments around the world on initiatives to clean up the air in their major cities through the use of clean burning gaseous fuels. IMPCO products enable these engines to operate on environmentally friendly gaseous fuels such as propane, natural gas and biogas. IMPCO products optimize efficiency and performance while reducing emissions to the lowest levels. IMPCO is also a major supplier to transportation, industrial and power generation market segments.


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