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CA100, 110 Mixers & Carburetors


Impco CA100 Mixers


CA100 Mixers & Carburetors. Standard Model 100 Carburetor for Natural Gas, LPG & Digester Fuels


CA100M-1 Mixer 1-1/2 inch Air Horn

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CA100M-2 Mixer 1-7/8 inch Air Horn

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CA100M-3 Mixer 2-1/16 inch Air Horn

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CA100M-4 Mixer 2-5/16 inch Air Horn

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Throttle Bodies Are Also Available, We Will Need The T2- Number Found On Your Throttle Body

The Model 100 Series is a single diaphragm air-gas valve carburetor mixer. It offers a 90° air inlet to provide low overhead clearance, and is available with several air horn and throttle body options. This unit is available for propane, natural gas and digester gas applications. The Model 100 is also available for Feedback applications with the 'FB' designation. The 100 mixer provides a convenient 1/8" NPT balance port and two separate air valve vacuum ports. Additional low speed idle mixture control can be obtained to lean air fuel mixtures through the use of optional shims.

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