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Impco Model FL-50046-008
3/4 inch NPT 12 Volt Low Pressure Safety Shut Off Valve
Straight Thru Flow Direction Without Mounting Feature


Impco FL-50046-008 Side View 12v Safety Shut Off Valve


Impco FL-50046-008 Front View 12v Safety Shut Off Valve With Mount Feature

Impco FL-50046-008 3/4 inch NPT Shut Off Straight Thru Flow Direction
No Mounting Holes, not necessary in some applications
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The FL-50046-008 is a straight thru flow direction without mounting holes which are not necessary in some applications. It is a low pressure normally closed 12 volt DC safety shut-off valve suitable for use with Low Pressure Propane LPG Vapor or Natural Gas Vapor. The coil assembly is hermetically sealed for excellent moisture resistance.


The specifications on this solenoid are much the same as the FL-50046-001, it is designed for low pressure propane or natural gas, maximum inlet pressure is 1/2 pound or 0.5 pounds. This 3/4 solenoid has no mounting holes, as some solenoids are directly connected to the demand regulator which holds the solenoid in place instead of being mounted elsewhere on the frame that would need to mounting holes. This 12 volt safety shutoff valve as a 3/4 inch NPT female inlet and 3/4 inch female outlet with a straight thru flow direction.


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