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Impco Model J Series Two-Stage Converter for Lift Trucks or Fork Trucks

Impco Model J Series Two Stage Converter Vaporizer

Model J Series Two Stage Converter Regulator Vaporizer for 3.7 to 75 kW for LP-Gas Engines.

The IMPCO Model J Series converters deliver superior performance and excellent pressure output consistency throughout service life. Three vapor outlet pressures are available. Use of the standard blue secondary spring provides negative 0.37 kPa (-1.5 inches w.c.). The optional orange secondary spring provides negative 0.12 kPa (-0.5 inch w.c.) and the red secondary spring negative 0.05 kPa (-0.2 inch w.c.) output.

This part is also known as the Model JB with blue spring

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The Rebuild Repair Kit RK-J-2 With Silicone Diaphragm

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