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Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits are available for generators, welders, concrete saws and more and are

Tri Fuel Generator Natural Gas Conversion Kits


For the Natural Gas Conversion we use the Garretson KN 039-122 fuel controller with manual primer for ease of starting. The KN fuel controller works great with 11 inches of water column or 6 ounces of pressure as well as the typical natural gas line pressure. This is an easy install, you will simply remove the air filter assembly, install the stud extenders or longer studs that come with the kit, then slide the adapter onto the studs and reinstall the air filter assembly, mount the Garretson KN to the frame. Adjust the load block to 4 to 6 turns out, push the manual primer on the back of the Garretson KN 039-122 which makes it much easier to start the engine as it primes the carburetor with natural gas. Once the engine starts adjust the put a small load on the generator and adjust the load block to a smooth running point. The demand regulator becomes self adjusting after that as the governor and the throttle plate in the carburetor will still control the speed of the engine as the load on the generator changes, just like it did before you installed the kit.


Generator Natural Gas Conversion Kits

Remove the air cleaner assembly


Natural Gas Conversions

Install the adapter


Gasoline to Natural Gas Conversion

Put the air cleaner assembly back in place


Generator dual fuel system conversion

Mount the natural gas fuel controller on the frame


Note the load block for adjusting air fuel mixture


This generator has the safety lock off installed at the inlet of the fuel controller



Connect a supply line to your source of natural gas

This Generator can now operate on gasoline or natural gas
or low pressure propane, Tri Fuel


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Generator natural gas conversion kits