Natural gas conversions & propane conversion kits for generators.
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Generator & Small Engine
Tri-Fuel Conversion Kits

Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits are available for generators, welders, concrete saws and more and are

Replacement Parts, Rebuild & Repair Kits

Available For Existing Propane Systems and Natural Gas Fuel Systems


Beam -  Garretson - Impco

LPG - OHG - Bendix - Garretson

Replacement Parts Are Listed Below Along with links to the respective parts pages

Beam T60 T50 202ANLPoint Right

Garretson KN SD Regulator Zero GovernorPoint Right

1501-L Microvac Switch & AdaptersPoint Right

IMPCO Model J VaporizerPoint Right

IMPCO VFF30 Filter Fuel LockPoint Right

IMPCO Model E RegulatorPoint Right

Cobra Two Stage ConverterPoint Right

Beam Garretson 11A17 Air Heated VaporizerPoint Right

IMPCO Model PEPoint Right

IMPCO Model L ConverterPoint Right

ET98 12 volt solenoid shutoff valvePoint Right

FL-219 solenoid shutoff valvePoint Right

FL-416-12V shutoff valvePoint Right

FL-418-12V Fuel Filter Shut OffPoint Right

FL-206 Gasoline Shut Off ValvePoint Right

IMPCO 55 Series CarburetorPoint Right

IMPCO 60 Series CarburetorPoint Right

IMPCO CA100 - 110 CarburetorsPoint Right

IMPCO 125 CarburetorPoint Right

IMPCO 225 MixersPoint Right

IMPCO Model 300Point Right

IMPCO 425 MixerPoint Right

Garretson Parts Index PagePoint Right


Motorcraft, and AC Delco spark plugs & ignition parts

MSD rotors, caps & high temp. wire sets

Waytek electrical terminals & wire loom


Filters & Lock Offs:

Advanced Fuel Components - Algas - Beam - Bendix

Eaton - Garretson - Impco - LPG Equipment


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