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Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits are available for generators, welders, concrete saws and more and are

Impco Beam Garretson Conversion Kits


We have kits that are being sold at a reduced price this week. The low pressure conversion kit and the kits for doing both high & low pressure for the following generators: Black Max, Champion, Duromax, Honeywell, Honda GX-110 GX-120 GX-140 GX-160 GX-240 GX-270, Honda GX-340 GX-360 GX-390, Briggs & Stratton 2100 Series Engine, Generac GP5000 thru GP7500, XT8000E, Harbor Freight, Chicago Electric, Predator, Westinghouse, ETQ, and Titan Generators.

Your kit will include the Garretson KN Demand Regulator, top of the line quality, no drilling of the carburetor, no modification of the carburetor at all.


Low pressure versus high pressure, if you're not sure if you need low pressure or high pressure please read the following. Natural gas is always a low pressure kit, as well as propane that comes from a large storage tank the propane company has already installed a pressure reducing regulator before they bring it indoors, to your home or your garage. High pressure is when you are connecting directly to any size propane tank that does not have a pressure reducing regulator, including a 20 pound cylinder, some people think the 20 pound cylinder is low pressure because it's a small tank, propane makes it's own pressure naturally inside the tanks, so it doesn't matter if you have a 1000 gallon tank, or a 20 pound cylinder, all tanks have high pressure inside, and is not low pressure until after it has gone thru a pressure reducing regulator. If you have any doubts which kit you might need, go for the kit that does both High & Low Pressure and you'll have a kit that will burn anything. Be prepared for hurricane season too, hurricane preparedness is always important to everyone, you will be able to burn another fuel other than gasoline, which you will find gasoline will be hard to find and purchase in the event a hurricane should occur, and we are sure you as the consumer are already aware of that issue, finding gasoline under those circumstances, nearly impossible. This issue would apply to any area that loses power for any reason, whether it be due to ice storms, heavy snow storm, hurricane, or tornado areas whereas the electricity supply has been knocked out because of downed power lines.


Photo of parts included in the low pressure conversion kit

The photo above shows the parts included in the Low Pressure Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit
This Kit Includes The Impco Garretson KN Demand Regulator

Regular Price $187.00
Sale Price $169.00



Photo of parts included with the conversion kit that does both high & low pressure

The photo above shows the parts included in the kit for both High & Low Pressure Tri Fuel Kits
This Kit Includes The Impco Garretson KN Demand Regulator

Regular Price $247.00
Sale Price $219.00



Some generators might require modifying the frame.
Honda for one, and some of the Honda Clones, but not all Honda Clones.
Some Customers move the engine mount over 1 more hole if you have
extra mounting holes in the cross member. Some people simply drill the extra hole in the crossmember.
To check your generator, measure from the cover of the air filter to the frame,
you will need 1-1/4 inches as that is the thickness of the adapter.
On generators that need the modification we send out an easy frame modification diagram.

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