Natural gas conversions & propane conversion kits for generators.
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Generator & Small Engine
Tri-Fuel Conversion Kits

Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits are available for generators, welders, concrete saws and more and are

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Photos of a typical kit installation, High Pressure conversion kit, step by step
Step by Step Installation Photos ➤➤

The page below will take you to a page where you can view the parts that are included with each of the 3 options, low pressure, high pressure, and multi pressure or better known as tri fuel.
Generator Conversions ➤➤

We have had some customers upload YouTube Videos that you will find interesting and helpful
Conversion Videos ➤➤

Welders & Concrete Saws must always be converted to propane for indoor use. We have all options available for both vapor draw or liquid draw conversions on these units, as well as Floor Cleaners Buffers & Concrete Trowels
Welders & Concrete Saws ➤➤

The following page will give you a better idea of the 3 methods available, carburetor replacement, or adapter type conversion. The adapter method is the most popular and cost effective
Methods of Small Engine Conversions ➤➤

Examples of some of the adapters available, as well as the popular 1501-L Microvac switch used on all safety shut off kits on electric start motors for indoor use engines
Microvac Switch & Adapters ➤➤

Step by Step photos of the installation on a Safety Shut Off kit for electric start engines, required for all indoor use engines
Safety Shutoff Installation ➤➤

Principles of Conversions gives more details and comparison of normal conversions
Principles of Propane & Natural Gas Conversions ➤➤

Step by Step photos of a natural gas conversion kit, this installation would be the same for low pressure propane
Natural Gas Conversion Kit Installation ➤➤

The Terms used throughout the industry are explained with a definition of commonly used terms, very useful information for the consumer
Terms & Definitions ➤➤

This page includes important information and facts about propane, including helpful comparison charts
Propane Facts ➤➤

Gaseous Fuel Pressures, explanation about propane pressure, natural gas pressure, and compressed pressure charts
Gaseous Fuel Pressures ➤➤

The Small Engines Page includes examples of the different conversions available, a list of some of the engines we have conversions for, the most popular engines & new engines may not be on the list, as well as a list of information we will need to select the proper conversion kit for your engine, and or the information we would need to select a kit for the engine that may not be listed, such as the new engines that have been developed
Small Engine Conversion ➤➤

Off Road Vehicles such as Rock Crawlers and Hill Climbers often use propane as propane will continue to flow into the engine even on steep climbs
Rock Crawlers & Hill Climbers ➤➤

Frequently Asked Questions and helpful trouble shooting
FAQ's ➤➤

Frequently Asked Questions and helpful trouble shooting
SiteMap ➤➤

Frequently Asked Questions and helpful trouble shooting
Blog With Useful Information ➤➤


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