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Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits are available for generators, welders, concrete saws and more and are

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Ridgid Generator Conversion Kits

Natural Gas is low pressure, and low pressure propane is if you are connecting to a large storage tank with regulators. A 20lb cylinder is high pressure as well as any other size propane tank that does not have regulators.
Tri Fuel Kits do high pressure propane and low pressure propane as well as natural gas,
Adapter kits do not disable the possibility of using gasoline


Low Pressure Propane & Natural Gas Tri-Fuel Kit with Garretson KN Demand Regulator
Ridgid Generator Low Pressure Propane Natural Gas Conversion


High & Low Pressure Tri Fuel Kit with Garretson KN Fuel Controller & High Pressure Regulator
Ridgid Generator Tri Fuel Conversion Kit


High Pressure Propane Dual Fuel Conversion Kit with Beam T60 Two Stage Demand Regulator
Ridgid Dual Fuel High Pressure Kit


Engine Model

Low Pressure Propane
& Natural Gas Adapter Kit


High Pressure Vapor
Propane Adapter Kit


Tri Fuel Kit
High & Low Pressure Conversion Kit Number


MZ-300 5000W 730-294-8MM 730-291-8MM 730-291-8MM-4
MZ-360 6800W 730-294-8MM 730-291-8MM 730-291-8MM-4
EX-30D 5000W 720-224 720-221 720-221-4
EH-40 8000W 720-224 720-221 720-221-4
EX-40 8000W 720-224 720-221 720-221-4
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The Difference Between High Pressure Gas & Low Pressure Gas Explained >>


Ridgid Generators are one of the many easy units to install a conversion kit, there is no frame work near the air filter assembly leaving the area wide open with plenty of room for the air filter assembly after you install an adapter between the air horn of the carburetor and the air filter assembly. Some of the benefits of converting your generator are the facts that the carburetor will never gum up again, the propane will never go bad like gasoline does after a time period, and with natural gas you have an unlimited supply of fuel available to last through your power outage.


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