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Generator & Small Engine
Tri-Fuel Conversion Kits

Our Propane and Natural Gas Conversion Kits are available for generators, welders, concrete saws and more and are

Small Engine & Generator Conversion Kits
Propane Conversion Kits
Natural Gas Conversion Kits
Dual Fuel & Tri Fuel Conversions Available
For All Small Engines, Generators, Welders, & Concrete Saws

Safety Shut Off Kits Available for All Indoor Use Equipment

Clean Burning Gaseous Alternative Fuel Systems


When converting small engines to run on propane or natural gas, there are three different methods of conversion that are used. They are as follows: (Note, the adapter method has become the most popular)

1.) Adapter method, the most popular method (tri fuel & dual fuel propane conversion & natural gas conversions)

2.) Replacement method Replacement Carburettor for all Fork Trucks (limited availability for generators)

3.) Spud-in method. This method has been phased out and replaced with the adapter method
(it was a straight propane conversion, non-reversible)

The adapter method has become the most popular because it's the easiest conversion to install on a concrete saw, welder, or generator, no drilling of the carburetor required, and it's less expensive than the carburetor replacement method

Small Engine Natural Gas & Propane Conversion Kits For:

➤ A-I Power
➤ Briggs & Stratton
➤ Black Max
➤ Craftsman Generators
➤ Champion
➤ Coleman Powermate
➤ Cushman
➤ Duromax
➤ ETQ Northern Tool
➤ Generac
➤ Honda
➤ Honeywell
➤ Husky
➤ Kawasaki
➤ Kohler
➤ Kubota
➤ Tecumseh
➤ Makita
➤ Mitsubishi
➤ Onan
➤ Predator
➤ Ridgid
➤ Robin Subaru
➤ Titan
➤ Welders & Concrete Saws
➤ Wisconsin
➤ Yamaha
➤ Yamaha EF2000iS

In order to be able to further assist you, we will need some additional details.
Please provide us with the following information:

A.) Make of engine

B.) The engine model number

C.) The engine horsepower

D.) Style of the air cleaner, i.e. round or square

E.) Source Of Propane: Direct tank high pressure, two stage (5-15 psi) or low pressure (6 ounce 11 inches water column)

F.) Application of the engine, i.e. generator

G.) Electric start or pull start

H.) Does the air filter mount directly on the carburetor

For prices and availability please contact us with the above information


Propane Natural Gas Small Engine Generator Conversion Kits

 Dual Fuel Adapter Example Small Engine & Generator Conversion Kits

    Generator Dual Fuel Conversion Adapter

Beam 1436 uses Venturi 113


Beam Garretson Natural Gas Dual Fuel Adapter

Beam 1451 uses Venturi 113


 Dual Fuel & Tri Fuel Venturi Example Natural Gas & Propane Conversion Kits

Beam Garretson Propane Dual Fuel Adapter Venturi



Dedicated Generator Propane Conversion & Natural Gas Spud In Example
The spud in method has been phased out and no longer available
The adapter method allows you to convert your engine without modifying the original fuel system

Generator Conversion Spud In 2F-256 for Small Engines

Spud Tube 2F-256

Miscellaneous Service Parts

Spud Tube ... 2F-125
Brass guide tube, T60 secondary regulator cover ... 2F-126
Tube, brass ... 2F-137
Vacuum Connector fitting ... 2F-158
Bushing ... 2F-165
Spud-in, Briggs & Stratton ... 2F-229A
Spud-in assembly ... 2F-245
Honda GV200 spud-in ... 2F-256
Spud-in, Honda ... 2F-275
Spud-in assembly, jet not installed ... 2F-275A


Natural Gas Conversion

The average cost of our most popular kits are between $169.00 and $247.00. For exact prices and product availability, please call toll free 1-877-425-8383

Thank you again for your interest in our services. We will do our best to help you in every way possible with your generator propane conversion needs.

Thank you for your interest in alternative fuels. We are a supplier of propane conversion kits and natural gas conversion kits for all types of spark ignited engines, from small single cylinder, to large industrial engines. For the small engine market, we handle the "Beam" and "Garretson" product lines, Manufactured by Impco Technologies, Made in the USA.


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