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Yamaha EF2000iS Generator Conversion


Yamaha EF2000iS Propane Conversion Kit

Easy to install, it comes with step by step installation instruction manual.

No adjustments necessary, this kit has a non adjustable preset orifice for propane.
No drilling of the carburetor, this setup is for both high pressure and low pressure propane or gasoline.

Yamaha EF2000iS After it's Converted to Propane

Nice and neat setup, and still compact too


Remove the side cover

You will need to remove the side cover.


Remove air filter assembly image 1

Then remove the nuts that hold the air filter assembly to the carburetor


Remove air filter assembly image 2

Remove the air filter assembly


Attach stud extenders

Install the stud extenders


Install gas supply line

Run the gas supply line to the adapter thru the end cover


Install the propane adapter

Install the adapter on the stud extenders and push against the air horn of the carburetor


A look inside the case with adapter installed

Re-Install the air filter assembly, this is what the installed adapter looks like inside the case


Put the end cover back on the unit

Using the studs and spacers provided, re-install the end cover and the Garretson KN demand regulator


Mount the Garretson KN demand regulator

Once tightened the demand regulator will be mounted straight vertically


Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Propane Conversion Completed

And you end up with a nice looking compact generator as in the photo above.
Fully functional and ready to use low pressure propane, high pressure propane, or gasoline


What you are getting in this kit is the fitting for a propane tank, a high pressure regulator to reduce the pressure in a tank such as a 20 pound cylinder or any other size tank, 6 foot supply line, the Garretson KN demand regulator for low pressure propane, bolts and spacers for mounting the KN so you do not have to drill holes in the case for mounting, the adapter with fixed orifice preset for propane, the balance line to equalize the atmospheric pressure from inside the case to the demand regulator. A real nice step by step installation manual.

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